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The Management will ensure that Quality must be Maintained at all the Levels. The Society, therefore, has clear view in this regard to work with a Comprehensive plan to meet with the Ultimate goal of Providing good Educational Atmosphere to the Students and to Develop the Concept of one Family Dedicated for whole Development among the Management, Staff and Students.


To achieve Excellence in Education, Research, Entrepreneurship and Innovations by Creating Technical, Human Resource personnel with Values, Integrity and Credibility.

Gurukul is an Educational Venture Envisaging to Reach out to the Heights of Academic & Human Elevation. An Embarkation of a Journey Intellectual Emotional & Social in Nature it ...

The word “GURUKUL’ has a wide meaning in the existing world of education. Our ancestors gave the third the teacher in Society; the first being the Mother, second the father and the fourth the God. The influence first two persons is inevitable for each and every child in their home atmosphere and then the children move next sacred place of learning viz. ... More

Gurukul is an educational venture envisaging to reach out to the heights of academic & human elevation. An embarkation of a journey intellectual emotional & social in nature it ...

Will aim at providing:

• An environment to the learner to maximize their potential.
• A platform to develop the ability to analyze and synthesize.
• An environment to develop the ability to think intricately about societal commitments.
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16 Saturday Mahavir Jayanti
जियो और जीने दो :.भगवान महावीर स्वामी की जन्म जयंती एक बार फिर हमें अपने ही कल्याण हेतु जगाने आ गयी है. हमें इसे बड़े धूम धाम हर्षोल्लास के साथ मानते हुए अपने कल्याण का सूत्रपात इस पावन पवित्र दिवस से प्रारंभ कर देना चाहिए.

bhagwaan mahaveer jayanti

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